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PIPA is a membership association for professionals working within the fields of medical information, pharmacovigilance and related functions in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the membership benefits is a members-only magazine which had lost its way and turned into a very old fashioned newsletter feel to it which had led to a drop in volunteer authors and advertising sales.

Cascade Studio were tasked with creating a new and exciting look and feel for the magazine which would be modern and engaging to a specialist audience. After an initial design concepts stage, a trial issue was sent out in December 2015 for member feedback. Using this to further inspire our creative process and create the final look and feel of the magazine, we brought in more colour and removed elements were not felt to add significant value such as forum links on every article.

The resulting official launch issue was sent out in April 2016 and made available via the password protected area of the member website as a digital flipbook with dynamic links using the Issuu application and its private publication functionality. Previously the magazine had been sent as a pdf, causing issues with non-members gaining access and reducing potential website traffic from members.

We now receive a range of (very) variable length articles for each edition and have to make them fit in the allocated 40 pages. We read the content of each article and try to bringing it to life. We source appropriate stock photography to illustrate each article (without being cliche or just using pictures of tablets) and prepare bespoke advertising for PIPA itself to encourage members to extend their access to member benefits.

Since its relaunch, advertising has gone up to the point where (within three issues) the advertising sales cover the cost of designing and printing the magazine and continue to grow. Exceptional authors from a wide variety of industries are now producing exclusive content for the magazine and members surveyed feel it has added real value to their membership.

Key Features

  • Magazine design and print
  • Magazine distribution
  • Digital flipbook publication

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