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Capital Asset Management is a boutique financial planning organisation focused on busy entrepreneurs and professionals in the media, tech and creative sectors. Their clientele are therefore used to seeing high levels of design and feel reassured when they see this from partners.

As a whole, financial planners (in particular smaller specialist companies) are notorious for generic documentation which is printed on cheap paper from their desktop printer. Having introduced a new fixed fee packages system, Capital wanted to ensure that their brochureware didn’t fall into this trap and were fed up of having cupboards full of generic brochures that didn’t add value. They wanted something that felt more relevant to the individual client and would reflect the boutique nature of their approach.

Cascade Studio developed clean clear layouts with lots of breathing space and didn’t want to fall into the trap of stock photography filled with grinning faces. The petals in the Capital logo were used as a corner framing element for quirky stock photography that would not typically be used in the financial services industry and enhanced the message being conveyed on each page.

For each client, the front cover / hero image and some of the interior images are selected by Cascade Studio based on the client’s interests and the contents customised to create a unique set of documents and brochures for every Capital client. This serves to illustrate that Capital understands the client as an individual and their unique requirements.

We recommended using uncoated paper stocks for the physically printed copies of these document not only so Capital’s clients can make notes on their documents where required but to deliver a modern, tactile and artisanal feel.

Supported by our parent company (the London based printing organisation Cascade Group) Cascade Studio now produces customised, unique saddle stitched documentation and brochures for each and every Capital customer which is artworked, printed and delivered within a maximum of 48 hours.

Key Features

  • Personalised design
  • Bespoke printing
  • Rapid response and turnaround


“The very first time that I met Cascade Studio I quickly realised that I had found the design team of my dreams. A breath of fresh air from what I had experienced with other staid agencies. Challenging, provocative and opinionated, they don’t believe in fences to sit on. Do things well, break new ground, challenge convention, or don’t bother. This was exactly what we were looking for to develop our brand image at Capital and our client-facing literature.

No more cupboards full of old-school corporate brochures – we now have bespoke one-off tailored client documents, highly visual with great graphics and imagery which are a mile away from the stock photography so commonly seen.

Cascade Studio nailed exactly what we are about at Capital and I have nothing but praise for their inventiveness and service delivery.”

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